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Presentation of the Faculty of Pharmacy of Granada

Academic Course 2018-2019


The Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Granada was established in 1850, a few years after those of Madrid and Barcelona. Its first academic curriculum, which was issued in August of that same year, was signed by Queen Isabel II and was headed by the Spanish botanist Dr. Mariano del Amo y Mora ([1], [2]), Professor of Mineralogy and Zoology Applied to Pharmacy.

Throughout its history, the Faculty has had four different locations in the city of Granada:

  1. the old central building of the University (1850-1921), which is the current Faculty of Law,
  2. the Palace of the Marquis of Caicedo (1921-1959), currently the Victoria Eugenia Royal Conservatory of Music,
  3. the building in Rector López Argüeta street (1959-1988), the current Faculty of Political Science and Sociology, and
  4. the actual building in the Campus of Cartuja (since 1988).

In its 168 years of existence (1850-2018), the Faculty of Pharmacy has awarded the degree of Pharmacy to a total of 19,022 students, the degree of Food Science and Technology (CTA) to 1,010 students and the degree of Human Nutrition and Dietetics (NHD) to 906 students (updated data on 26-7-2018). The first woman graduated in pharmacy, Ms. Gertrudis Martínez Otero, accomplished it in 1896.

The past Faculty teaching was ruled by a sequence of nine academic curriculums for the former degree of Pharmacy (1850, 1886, 1928, 1935, 1944, 1965, 1973, 1995 and 2002), two curriculums for the former degree of Food Science and Technology (1996 and 2001) and one academic curriculum for the former degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics (2002). Currently, Degrees in Pharmacy (2011), Human Nutrition and Dietetics (2011) and Food Science and Technology (2012) are given with a design inspired in the Bologne process. In addition, it provides a double international degree in Pharmacy by the Universities of Granada and Federico II of Naples (2016) and a double degree in Science and Technology of Food and Human Nutrition and Dietetics (2017).

There has been 18 Deans: Mr. Mariano del Amo y Mora (1850-1892), Mr. Florentino López Jordá (1892-1905), Mr. Bernabé Dorronsoro y Ucelayeta (1905-1925), Mr. Juan Luis Díez Tortosa (1925-1931), Mr. Carlos Rodríguez López-Neyra de Gorgot (1931), Mr. José García Vélez (1931-1951), Mr. José María Clavera Armenteros (1951-1959), Mr. Ágel Hoyos de Castro (1959-1961), Mr. José Dorronsoro Velilla (1961-1967), Mr. Diego Guevara Pozo (1967-1973), Mr. Rafael García Villanova (1973-1977), Mr. José Luis Valverde López (1977-1981), Mr. Fermín Sánchez de Medina Contreras (1981-1985), Mr. Jesús Thomas Gómez (1985-1989), Ms. María José Faus Dáder (1989-1997), Mr. Fernando Martínez Martínez (1997-2005), Mr. Luis Recalde Manrique (2005-2013) and Ms. Ana Isabel del Moral García (since June 2013).
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The faculty has 279 teachers, of which 78 are Professors, 102 Associate Professors, 23 Ph. Doctor Contracted Professors, 20 Assistant Professors and 56 teachers from other categories. Additionally, there are 58 people working in the areas of Administration and Services.

During the 2017-18 academic course, a total of 2,890 official students have studied at the Faculty, of which 2,144 correspond to the current degree of pharmacy, 3 belong to its former degree, 272 to the degree of Food Science and Technology (CTA), 456 to the degree of Human Nutrition and Dietetics (NHD) and 15 to the double degree of NHD and CTA. It should be noted that students of the new degrees, whose implementation has been completed during 2014-15, represent almost 100% of all students of the Faculty.

In the 2016-17 academic year, 266 students completed studies in Pharmacy, 38 CTA and 48 NHD studies. In that same year, 318 new students entered the degree of pharmacy, 65 into the CTA degree and 99 into the NHD degree.


The current building of the Faculty of Pharmacy encloses the majority of the Departments (practice and research labs, offices and administrative areas), classrooms for theoretical teaching (10 classrooms for 216 students, 7 classrooms for 72 students and one for 40 students) Aula Magna (capacity: 500 people), Degree Hall (capacity: 70 persons), library, archive, boardroom, Practical Pharmacy Lab "Prof. Antonio Zarzuelo", a seminar room (capacity: 26 people) and a meeting room (capacity 15 persons), equipped with computer technology and audiovisuals. In addition, the editorial office of the journal Ars Pharmaceutica, published since 1960, and a series of general services, such as the post-graduate Unit, three computer rooms, the Radiopharmacy Unit, a copy Service, four multidisciplinary laboratories and the Exhibition Hall. Moreover, some lab facilities of the Scientific Instrumentation Center of the University of Granada are located in the Faculty.

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