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Student Guide 2018-2019 of the Faculty of Pharmacy


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This website contents the Student Guide 2018-2019 of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Granada (UGR). The available information refers to the undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Pharmacy during the 2018-19 academic course: Human Nutrition and Dietetics (NHD in spanish), Food Science and Technology (CTA in spanish) and Pharmacy. [Read more]

Table of Contents

Faculty of Pharmacy



Admission, Tuition and Scholarships.

For new students, the information on admission to the Degrees in the 2018-2019 academic year has been compiled here.

Information on tuition and scholarship applications is also collected. Access.


Information on studies taught in the Faculty of Pharmacy of Granada in the academic course 2018-2019. Read more.

Beginning the new academic course: news and warnings

News and warnings on the beginning of the new academic course in the Faculty of Pharmacy. Press here to access.

New studients

News and warnings on new studients in this academic course. Press here to access.

Subjects: acronyms, codes and groups

Subject abbreviations

Subject abbreviations considered in the documents provided in this website.

Subject codes

Complementary information on subjects



Information on the evaluacion and exams which are programmed for the theoretical contents. Access

Academic calendar

Description of the Faculty's 2018-19 academic calendar (it follows the semestre abiertos option). Access

Learning Guides En construcción

Resources on teaching, learning and evaluation systems for the subjects in the academic course 2018-2019. Read more.

Lecturers En construcción

Lecturers involved in the studies of the Faculty of Pharmacy. Access.

Coordination of Practical Teaching En construcción

Coordination of practical teaching for the subjects in the Faculty. Read more.


Information about classrooms for academic activity in the Faculty. Access. Note: The classrooms in the Faculty are labelled by a number (arabic or roman, depending on the source).

Work Placement - Internships

Information on the subjects where internships are carried out in some work places (pharmacies, companies, labs, hospitals). Access.

Undergraduate Dissertation (TFG)

The information on the final dissertation, hereafter identified by TFG (acronym for the spanish term Trabajo Fin de Grado), is organized in a webpage for all the Faculty's degrees. Access (in spanish).

Orientation and Mentoring

Information on several initiatives addressed to help students. Access.

Student Mobility

Information on the student mobility programs for students. Access.

Information and Communications Technology

Some resources about Information and Communications Technology (ICT) which are interesting for students of the Faculty of Pharmacy. Access.

Foreign language accreditation

Information about the foreign language accreditation addressed to the students of the Faculty of Pharmacy. Access.


Some information items not classified in the previous sections of this Student Guide. Access.


Rules and Regulations

Gathering some rules and regulations addressed to the students of the Faculty of Pharmacy, including official calendar. Access.



A list of interesting links for the students of the Faculty of Pharmacy. Access.


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