Socrates-Erasmus Programmes

Students reading Pharmacy and Food Science and Technology may opt to study one of their final academic years abroad at any university with which the faculty has an exchange agreement. At the moment, the Faculty of Pharmacy has agreements with the following universities (classified according to the language required):

  • German: Vienna and Bonn
  • French: Lyon, Nantes , Marseilles , Poitiers , Bordeaux , Nancy , Rheims and Lille .
  • Italian: Ferrara, Padua, Pavia, Bologna, Florence, Palermo, Perugia, Catania, Milan, Parma, Rome and Urbino
  • English: Budapest
  • Portuguese: Coimbra

The co-ordinators of these programmes are:

The universities involved have decided to do away with the free-movers scheme but the number of places in the ordinary selection process has been increased, to the extent that last year some were never filled, so all students are advised to follow the normal route in applying for places.

Students may also undertake research in their speciality at these universities. For further information you should consult the relevant pages in the web site of the Vice-rectorate for International and Institutional Relations (Vicerrectorado de Relaciones Internacionales e Institucionales).

Incoming students

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