The Library is open to use by all university students for reading and consulting any of its books, journals and periodicals. To take books out students must apply in the library itself for a student loan card.

All the individual faculty libraries within the university are co-ordinated from the central library in the Hospital Real, the university's seat of government. Thus students in every faculty may ask for books and journals kept in other faculties, enquire after publications in other universities or national libraries and in general benefit from all the on-line features of a modern university library. Further detailed information is available in the web pages (Spanish) of the faculty or in the library itself.

The library has a photocopying service to copy pages and articles within the limits laid down by copyright law. It also has a catalogue (updated every year) of publications such as journals, magazines, doctoral theses, facsimiles, guides and so on.

Welcome therefore to our faculty, a faculty for studying pharmacy and food technology, where the training and welfare of the students is our paramount concern.