The Jesus Thomas Gómez Museum of Scientific Instruments is in the department of Physical Chemistry. Despite the considerable financial limitations imposed upon the faculty when it was founded in 1850, successive deans went to great efforts to acquire important scientific laboratory equipment both for teaching and scientific research purposes. Many of these acquisitions are still held in what was once the museum belonging to the Chair of Laboratory Apparatus. Since that time a considerable number of devices have been kept and preserved in the museum. In 1888, for example, after the International Exhibition in Barcelona a fine collection of apparatus and chemicals was donated to the Faculties of Sciences, Medicine and Pharmacy of the University of Granada , many of which are still on display in the museum today. All in all, visitors to the museum can see a wide range of instruments of great importance in the history of science in such disciplines as the measurement of mass, volume and temperature applied to solids, liquids and gases; together with pressure, depth, altitude and water gauges, devices to measure optic, electric and magnetic phenomena and apparatus to measure emission, molecular and electrochemical spectra. The museum is named in honour of the present emeritus professor of Physical Chemistry, Dr. Jesus Thomas Gómez.

The Museum of the History of Pharmacy is to be found in the department of The History of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Legislation. It too houses a varied collection of pharmaceutical instruments built up since the 1960s. It receives constant donations from many departments and past students and today constitutes an important museum and reliquary of the history of pharmacy.