Tutorial Activities (PAT) within the Faculty of Pharmacy

The group tutors offer a system of support for students in the faculty. It is a purely voluntary scheme and is aimed primarily at first-year students reading any of the degrees offered in pharmacy. Once enrolled, students may of course continue on the scheme in later years of their degree course.

The main aims of the system are to help students settle down and integrate within the university community, to increase their potential to make the very best of their academic training and personal experience and to detect any problems or difficulties which they may be experiencing before they become prejudicial to their wellbeing within the faculty.

Students wishing to join the scheme should fill in a form, available in the secretary's office, before the middle of October when they arrive for their first academic year. Participants will be asked to attend two tutorials during the year to answer questions about their personal and academic experience in the faculty. Apart from this, they may go to their tutor whenever they feel the need, to sort out problems, solve any doubts and so on. The tutors are all experienced lecturers and are committed to helping their students in as far as they are able.

Once more students are reminded that they may find further information about academic and social activities from the Spanish WEB pages of the Faculty of Pharmacy and the University itself ( ) and the printed guide to the faculty.